Barefoot Investor: How much MONEY is enough??

How much money do we consider enough? I've been thinking of this question many times before. But I don't really know how to actually answer it. Shall I say, RM100,000? RM300,000? or even RM1 million? What about you?

I realized my buying power as a consumer now, is becoming lesser and lesser. Not because without the money to pay for the things, but is because my Ringgit Malaysia (RM)100 now only enable me to buy few items compared to 2 years back? That is so scary. If it is inflation, what happened to the value of Malaysia Ringgit? Is Ringgit  Malaysia depreciate compared to USD $? I don't think so. Coz, everytime when I read the newspaper it doesn't mentioned that ringgit malaysia is depreciate, instead it appreciate and become stronger , inflow of foreign funds is greater than before.

Wait a minute... Ringgit Malaysia become stronger? You got to be kidding.
But why the consumers purchasing power is so poor. For example, today I went to this normal coffee shop for a lunch meal. Price for economy rice no longer RM4, instead RM5.50 and some more with just 3 choice of dishes. 2 vegetables mixed cooked, and 1 meat (chicken mixed fry). So few choice here and the food quality is not to the standard though..

What about going to luxury place? Say to a cafe/restaurant? Eg I went to this western food restaurant nearby my house before. The price for just a normal Thai fried rice, or even lamb chop with french fries now cost RM28.00++ exclude govt and service tax. Why is it so expensive? If judge by its environment, it is just a normal restaurant to me, with a cooling fan and nice wallpaper. That's it. Nothing more.

So, right now. I've been always thinking on How much money is consider enough to me and for each of you? Can you specifically know the exact amount of money you should have, in order to say. Okay. That's it. I am done. I have earned enough and rich enough to buy everything and satisfied with it..... Can you?
For me, I can't really decide it....


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